Unlimited Resources Policy

We expect that you will, in good faith, consume resources in a reasonable manner that does not impact the services of other clients who may be sharing portions of the infrastructure. The unlimited resources included with some plans are to provide the resources necessary to power personal, small and medium sized business websites and services without having to worry about overage fees.

What is considered misuse of unlimited resources?

  • Storage, distribution, or sharing of illegal materials, copyrighted or trademarked content that does not belong to you, pirated software, or software disk images (ISOs)
  • Storage or archiving of media files including video or audio files that are not used to power your website. Including file storage/upload services
  • Any unauthorized daemon or service running on a shared server
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers, bots, and clients, bit torrent clients or trackers, other peer-to-peer files sharing service clients or servers, Content Distribution Network (CDN) servers
  • Malicious activities including denial of service attacks, brute force attacks, port scanning, anonymous proxies, or any other activity intended to circumvent the security of another server, service, website, etc.
  • Consumption of server or network resources that impacts the performance of other users’ services (e.g. excessive CPU or memory utilization, database queries longer than 30 seconds, cron jobs or scheduled tasks executing more frequently than 5 minutes, databases greater than 2 GB in size)

What does this all mean?

Unlimited resources allows you to focus on your website and stop worrying about the size of your website and databases or worrying about paying for more traffic.


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