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Designing a website is no easy task. Sure you can create something really fast and put it on the web, but why would you? The people who see your website are your customers. When someone walks in the front door of you business would you want it looking unpresentable?

Websites have a wide range of variety. From very simple text all the way to full blown graphics, sound, etc.

The bottom line is when a customer comes to your website they want information. If they have to wait for that information due to slow loading or have to search for that information due to poor design they will go elsewhere.

At eh design we believe in a happy medium between the two. A website should be eye catching, but not cluttered.

How it works:

  • We sit down and listen to your ideas
  • We do an initial design on paper
  • We then design it on the computer for your approval
  • We publish it on the web

Please check out our portfolio for websites we have created.

Please contact us since no two sites are the same.

We do have special pricing for non-profit groups. (i.e. churches, community groups, youth groups, camps, charities, etc.)



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